Top 7 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Google Ads Consultant?

PPC AdWords Management Consultant

Before you rush out and hire the first agency claiming to be the best at Google Ads management services,  know what to look for to get the most for your advertising dollar. Never blindly trust a consultant who contacts you through a sales cold call.

Do your research online and through word of mouth from trusted colleagues and friends, and then narrow down your choices. Go into your meeting with the agencies that look the best armed with these top 7 questions to ask when hiring a Google Ads or Google AdWords consultant.

  1. What Services Do You Specialize In? If you hire an agency to handle your Google Ads campaign, be sure that they specialize in pay per click PPC. Many agencies say they handle PPC, but their main focus is really on Search Engine Optimization SEO, web design, and social media accounts while they dabble in PPC on the side.
  2. Have You Personally Used Google Ads To Promote Your Own Website Or Services? – It’s one thing to run a company touting how much you are able to do for your clients and yet another thing entirely to gain top-notch experience through personally testing out the product or services you are selling. A Google Ads campaign can easily look good on paper, but knowing that the person you are trusting with your advertising dollar has first-hand knowledge of using his or her own money to make their own campaign profitable. Ask for proof that they built a successful, profitable campaign on their own or with money achieved through commission that was incentive and results driven.
  3. Are You Or Your Agency Certified? Any agency or individual handling your ad campaign needs to at least be part of the Google PartnersTM program and be Google Ads certified. To be awarded this certification, the consultant is required to pass exams and maintaining a minimum $10,000 spent monthly on Google Ads.
  4. Do You Have Experience Working With Ad Campaigns In My Specific Market? Each specific job industry has its own set of rules and its own unique brand of clients. Make sure your Google Ads consultant has experience in your specific market or one that is similar so you know your ads will be focused on what your potential clients are interested in.
  5. Who Will Be Handling My Account? Will your account be handled by one individual or by a group of consultants? There are benefits to both, but it’s important to know who to contact with questions and who is in charge of your account.
  6. What Key Performance Indicators KPIs Do You Use? This may sound technical, but it comes down to understanding how the consultant will be viewing the campaign’s success. Inexperienced agencies will discuss KPIs in terms of the number of clicks, impressions, position of your ad, or click-through rate. Alternatively, the professionals who understand what Pay Per Click advertising is all about and know what they are doing in the world of Google Ads will discuss profit, cost per actions, and volume of conversions.
  7. How Do You Report Results? When you run an ad campaign, you are looking for a specific outcome with results you will be able to understand. Look for a consultant who will connect your Google Ads and Analytics accounts and always report your Google Ads results in the context of your other traffic data. Also ask what type of reporting cycle they use and what format they will deliver this information. Will you receive reports on a weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or annual basis?

Don’t be intimidated feeling as if you owe it to a consultant to be trusted with your hard-earned money. Remember, you are the client who will ultimately make the decision whether or not to hire a specific person or company to handle your Google Ads campaign.

Do your research, then use these top 7 questions to ask when hiring a Google Ads consultant, and your advertising campaign will be off to a great start.

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