What Types Of AdWords Campaign Management Services Are There?

AdWords PPC Management Services

Since PPC ads require constant monitoring of statistics and tweaking to pinpoint and target customers precisely in an effort to drive quality clients to your site, sometimes the smartest thing to do is to hire an AdWords campaign management service to take the load off of you while professionally managing your ad campaigns.

A professional management PPC service provides you with a dedicated account manager, account review and goal setting, keyword research, account structure and restructure, geo targeting, call tracking, conversion tracking, multi-platform advertising, campaign and ad group creation, text ad creation and optimization, personalized call schedule, detailed performance reporting weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, advanced bid management, dynamic key phrase insertion, landing page optimization recommendations, and full transparency that always allows you access to your account.

There are different types of PPC Management Services:

PPC Audits – An extra set of eyes and expert opinion is always a good thing. That’s the idea behind performing an audit. An audit provides you with a third party analysis. When you are wanting to boost a current campaign, a PPC management service ensures that your current PPC manager is providing you with the best possible service.

Social Advertising – Keeping up with the constantly changing algorithms, SEO rules, and social media rules for each individual social networking site is mind boggling. A professional PPC management service comes alongside you to help you create eye-catching ad copy and landing pages to appeal to the right demographic and profitable paid search campaign and understands the rules for posting ads and deciphering insights on your choice of social media platforms.

Google AdWords – One of the most widely known PPC platforms is Google AdWords, so much so that when you think about placing an ad, Google is probably what comes to mind first. AdWords provides built-in up-to-date metrics to make it easy to test your ad campaigns for effectiveness and to be able to tweak them for more focused results. Professional PPC Ad management services understand how to read these analytics, make sense out of them, test, and re-test ad campaigns to ensure your money is well spent.

Bing Advertising – Yes, there are other PPC options besides Google AdWords. While as much as 80% of searching takes place through Google, Bing is still in the running of search engine choices for your potential clients. Professional paid ad management companies understand that Bing Advertising network is a great place to run a PPC ad campaign.

Remarketing Services – Achieve faster conversion rates by targeting your current traffic and ad copy through remarketing. This is basically a fancy way of saying, making changes where necessary to focus your attention on visitors that displayed interest in your products or services. A professional management service knows how to make sense out your current analytics and remarket where necessary.

The best time to hire a professional management PPC service is when you do not have the time to spend on managing your ad campaigns. Since these companies provide you with an account manager who is in charge of overseeing your specific ads and reviewing your account, he or she will be able to talk with you about realistic goals and making landing page modifications based on keyword research.

Optimize your PPC ad campaigns without spending tedious hours trying to make sense out of all the insight information. When you hire a professional they will help you navigate and determine what types of AdWords campaign management services are there that are right for you and your business.