How Are Google Ads Consulting Rates Structured?

Google PPC Consulting Rates

Generally speaking, some charge a flat rate for campaign creation while others use a monthly  management fee scale. Of course, within these structured rates, there are additional options. Fixed Hourly Or Flat Rate Structure One of the most common ways for a Google Ads consultant to charge for consultation is through a fixed hourly rate. […]

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What Are The PPC Management Costs?

PPC Management Costs

Pay Per Click Management costs depend on what PPC management company or consultant you use. You will pay anywhere between a small flat monthly fee to a percentage of the cost of your PPC spend. PPC advertising is the most accountable form of advertising. Set a precise budget and only pay when a visitor clicks […]

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What Should My PPC Marketing Strategy Be As To Not To Lose My Shirt?

Pay Per Click Marketing Strategy

The idea behind creating and managing a successful Google AdWords campaign (or Google Ads as it’s referred to now) is to receive a return on your investment in the form of gaining clients and more business. Determining what should my PPC marketing strategy be as to not to lose my shirt can seem like a […]

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How Much Would Google Ads Cost Me?

Google Pay Per Click Expenses

Before you get started with your own ad campaign, it’s important to know whether or not you can afford it. So, asking how much would Google Ads cost me is a smart question. The only thing is that, there is no definitive answer. It depends on a lot of factors. The bottom line of the […]

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What Google Ads Advertising Campaign Types Should I Start With?

AdWords Advertising Campaign Types

Set up the best Google Ads campaign for your business needs. The first question to ask is, “What type of Google Ads advertising campaign should I start with?” Before you ask, it’s important to understand the difference between them. Ads go far beyond those little boxes filled with words and pictures that pop up when […]

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Top 7 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Google Ads Consultant?

PPC AdWords Management Consultant

Before you rush out and hire the first agency claiming to be the best at Google Ads management services,  know what to look for to get the most for your advertising dollar. Never blindly trust a consultant who contacts you through a sales cold call. Do your research online and through word of mouth from […]

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What Types Of PPC Management Pricing Models Are There?

AdWords PPC Pricing Structure

When you start using PPC ad management, your ultimate goal is no doubt making money. So, the last thing you want to do is spend more money before you even get started. Sometimes, this additional outflow of finances, however, is exactly what you need to create the most efficient and profitable ad campaigns. It is […]

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PPC Bid Management Software Pros and Cons

Pay Per Click Management Software

If the stats and figures on your ad campaign is making your head spin as you try to figure out all of the best keywords and possible mathematical formulas that will ultimate bring click-throughs that end in an actual sale, it may be time to consider turning over the hard and tedious work to an […]

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What Types Of Google Ads Campaign Management Services Are There?

AdWords PPC Management Services

Since PPC ads require constant monitoring of statistics and tweaking to pinpoint and target customers precisely in an effort to drive quality clients to your site, sometimes the smartest thing to do is to hire a Google Ads campaign management service to take the load off of your shoulders while professionally managing your ad campaigns. […]

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5 Tips From A Successful Google Ads Account Manager

Pay Per Click Account Provider

Using Google Ads can be a rewarding experience, driving tons of traffic to your site while growing your customer base. To use it, however, requires a lot of know-how to fully understand how it works and to get the most out of your Google Ads campaigns. Here are the top 5 tips from a successful […]

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