What Should My PPC Marketing Strategy Be As To Not To Lose My Shirt?

Pay Per Click Marketing Strategy

The idea behind creating and managing a successful Google AdWords campaign (or Google Ads as it’s referred to now) is to receive a return on your investment in the form of gaining clients and more business.

Determining what should my PPC marketing strategy be as to not to lose my shirt can seem like a daunting and frightening task, when really all you need to know are a few helpful tips.

First, be assured that Google Ads works extremely well. Google knows what it is doing in the world of advertising. In fact, while most think of Google as merely a search engine, they actually derive most of their revenue from knowing how to sell ads.

Because of their advertising savvy knowledge, Google Ads default options are designed with settings to make Google money. Since, you are looking to run ad campaigns that will do the same for your business, it’s important to understand how to tweak these settings to benefit your business.

Basically, you may even need to uncheck every Google default option on your settings screen. Just make sure you are setting things up correctly for your business.

When asking,
“What should my Pay Per Click marketing strategy be as to not to lose my shirt?”

the answer is first, don’t just throw money out the window without first exploring and investigating your options.

Go into this well educated before you begin. Set up your campaigns to give yourself the best possible chance for success.

Be realistic not worrying about whether or not Google is trying to take your money, but look at your ad campaigns to personalize them for your needs and to determine whether or not the recommendations and suggestions are helping or hurting you.

Follow these words of advertising wisdom when setting up your PPC marketing strategy:

  • Be clear what your objective is. Focus on your company’s personal needs and goals. Don’t be intimidated to feel like you have to go with default settings on Google Ads or follow Google’s representative suggestions. Remember, Google is not out to get you, but the pre-checked settings are not set up in default mode for your success. Changing these settings to benefit your business the most is up to you or your experienced management consultant.
  • There are options for setting up and managing your account. Most people don’t realize that you don’t have to do everything online during this step of the advertising process. Many people find that a Google Ads editor off line is often easier than working with the online option.
  • The first settings to look at are which type of ad campaign network to go with. This will determine how your ads will appear, whether they show up when a user conducts a Google search or if they are displayed within targeted blogs or websites. Uncheck the default boxes in the settings, and instead select only one network at a time. Check search network only or display network only.
  • Choose Ad Rotation to Rotate Evenly. This will provide you with accurate statistics which will give you a better understanding of how to make accurate decisions based on stats. The statistics show you the true measure of whether or not your ads are properly targeted.
  • Adjust the device bids so that they accurately reflect competition levels. Users behave differently depending on what device they are using. How someone responds in the mobile market using their cell phone or tablet is a bit different from someone sitting in front of a PC.

Educate yourself to a point where you know what you are doing and not throwing your money away or find help of a professional who will handle it for your company.

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