What Google Ads Advertising Campaign Types Should I Start With?

AdWords Advertising Campaign Types

Set up the best Google Ads campaign for your business needs. The first question to ask is, “What type of Google Ads advertising campaign should I start with?” Before you ask, it’s important to understand the difference between them.

Ads go far beyond those little boxes filled with words and pictures that pop up when someone conducts a Google search. When it comes to Google AdWords as it’s still recognized in the industry prior to its name change of Google Ads, there are two main types of ad campaigns – the search network, and the display network. Though, it is also possible to select a combination of search and display network ads.

Additionally, there are some specifically focused campaigns that use shopping, video and apps to draw and keep customers.  Here are some of the most widely used and successful ad campaign types.

The Search Network – The way this type of advertising campaign works is that you use keywords, terms people use when they search, to target your customers. When someone searches for those terms, your ad will show up. The ads that appear are relevant to the person’s search. The person searching looks up what they want under a category heading through Google much like they used to do with a phone directory or Yellow Pages. For instance, if you are searching for a dentist, related ads for dentists will conveniently appear.

The Search Network type of ad campaign targets the search partners so that your ads display not only in a Google search but also on Google’s partners properties.

The Display Network – When wondering what type of Google Ads advertising campaign should I start with, you might consider the display network which consists of more than one million news sites, blogs, articles, and similar websites that display text advertisements, banner, or video ads from Google Ads and targets specific purposes.

Display network ads are also known as “interruption marketing” because they are placed in such a way as to interrupt what a viewer is doing as opposed to appearing only when purposefully searching for a specific keyword, item or service.

With the Display Network campaign type, your ads display by matching text, image, rich media, and video to targeted content on websites and other placements, such as YouTube or mobile apps. For instance, if you are selling toys or diapers, you would want your ad to reach potential customers who visit kid product sites and blogs about kids, babies, or parenting.

The Display Network is very different from The Search Network, thus you should never combine those two in the same campaign.

Search With Display Select – This option combines the two and stretches your advertising dollar across both networks. It allows you to have your ads appear with search results on Google Search Network and also take part in relevant placements with the Display Network. In 99% of cases you would want to stay away from this option.

Additional ad network strategies target specific platforms or groups of people:

The Shopping Network – A shopping network ad campaign works much like the vintage department store catalog where a buyer could thumb through and see pictures and descriptions of merchandise before deciding to purchase. These catalogs were much anticipated around Christmas time as young, wide-eyed children anticipating gifts would turn page after page with delight.

Fast forward to today’s Google Ads shopping network ad campaign, and the concept and excitement of seeing merchandise on display remains intact as potential customers view ads that stretch across the web.

The Video Network – Before a YouTube video begins, ads are presented and work on a pay per view PPV model. These pre-roll ads allow viewers the option to skip through the ad or to watch in full. With just a click, the viewer may also choose to visit your website and follow through on a sale. When a viewer clicks to skip, you are not charged for that display.

The App Network – In this age of mobility, people are using mobile apps more frequently. This type of ad campaign focuses on getting potential clients to download your mobile app for future use and focused engagement. Ads, then are displayed only on the mobile device, literally at their fingertips, and allow users to interact at their convenience.

What type of Google Ads advertising campaign should I start with? Research, and ask your Pay Per Click ad consultant for recommendations as to which ad campaign network works best for your business needs. Your business needs is what will dictate what type of campaign or campaigns you should deploy.

For those new to ad campaigns, starting with a search network campaign is often the best first step. If your business is e-commerce based, focusing efforts on a shopping network will also serve you well.

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